Nusta Karpay

Nusta Karpay

Awakening the divine feminine
The 7 initiations of Goddesses of the Andes

The Nusta are the goddesses of the Andes. Karpay means initiation. The Nusta are the original princesses of the Andes. They come from the sacred lakes and mountains in Peru, and are also connected to other waters and mountains on this planet.
The seven initiations are for both men and women. The Nusta will help you to connect again with the female energy within you, on a deeper level, so it can heal and is allowed to be expressed. Although the female aspects are already near the surface, they need to be nurtured and a feeling of safety to become fully expressed.
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Nusta Karpay Intensive:
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during this 3 or 4-day intensive course, we will connect with the seven main Nusta. Each Nusta brings a unique aspect to you, shining a different light on your path. It is the path of feminine healing and the path of the male in deep connection with Mother Earth.
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Nusta Mesa, a Nusta medicine bundle

The Nusta Mesa is a mesa with khuya's (medicine stones) from the Nusta.

The Paqo's from Q'eros, Don Mariano, Doña Maria, Don Alejandro en Don Claudio, traveled to the sacred sites of the Nusta in the Andes, Peru, before bringing the medicine of the Nusta to the West. More...

Nusta Karpay Blossoming

Ceremonies to enrich your connection with the Nusta.

The Nusta Blossoming will bring healing and a new balance in the masculine and feminine aspects in everyone! It will endeepen and develop your skills and understanding about the nusta’s more! More...

Booksegment :” Nusta Karpay, the 7 goddess initiations from the Andes”

Kanchis Nusta Karpay are Quechua words meaning ‘Seven Goddess Initiations’.
These special, beautiful and authentic initiations are currently spreading around the World. This has always been the intention of the Paqos, and to Karen and Lieke, has probably been a universal thought for some time…

You may like to know how it all started and why it’s so important to cherish this old wisdom and knowledge. It brings healing for everyone at a deep level, especially where the feminine and masculine aspects in ourselves are wounded. It is the most important aspect to focus on at this time, according to Don Mariano. It brings back a beautiful new balance in women as in men. This will support the healing of our mother, the planet as well.

We would like to share a segment of Karens nearly finished book: More...

Experiences attendees Nusta Karpay Intensive

Fire, mountains, water, candles, hearts and flowers…
Meeting the Nustas in Glastonbury through Karen and Lieke felt like being back in Peru. It was an intense experience – a beautiful and powerful melding of traditions including the sweat lodge ceremonies ( made possible thanks to wonderful fire masters ) and drumming that took us into other dimensions, helping us to cleanse and prepare and then to integrate the new energies, journeying within and far away. A series of seven beautiful ceremonies spread over the four days: grounding and connecting with our inner child; flowing and healing of wounded ego; connecting with home, land and ancestors; opening and opening our hearts and creativity, the wild wind clearing the way for communication, clarity and vision, and soaring into freedom…
Thanks to all who showed up – I feel forever linked to you special people, full of gratitude and looking forward to blossoming the seeds so lovingly planted… Munay sonqo.
Nusta Karpay Intensive UK 2013

Your own group

If you have your own group: We would love to come to you!!
Ask for the possibilities for a Nusta Karpay Intensive on request in your home-country.


If you prefer to receive the Nusta Karpay individually, please let me know