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If you're interested in receiving the Seven Nusta Rites (Kanchis Nusta Karpay):
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YamaRei - LifeArt and Shamanism

´Art´ in a broad sense is seen in all aspects of life: it does not only represent products that are the result of a creative mind and creation. Art is an on-going process of arranging life in such a way that we transcend the daily routine, in order to create a more meaningful life.
For ourselves, for our children and for all.
Shamanic rituals and ceremonies assist you in this process, and help you to (re)connect with the source.

YamaRei is a synergy of the words ‘Yama’ and “Rei’.
The Japanese word Yama means Mountain. Rei is the Maori word for ‘jewel’.
The name relates directly to who we partly are and how we work:Our family name is Van den Berg Cieraad, which translates to “from the Mountain Jewel”.
Several ancient cultures and their rituals and way of living inspire us.