Sweat lodge

Sweatlodge ceremony

The Sweatlodge ceremony is an ancient ceremony, found around the world in many ancient/original cultures.
Today the most common form is known as Sauna, where heat and steam are used to relax and cleanse physically.
The Sweatlodge ceremony does more than that. It is an old ceremony in connection with all primal elements. The Earth were we sit on, the Air we breathe, the Fire heating the Stones outside the lodge, the Water that comes to you as steam and the Cosmos above you.

The sweatlodge day starts with preparations for the ceremony; doing this will help you to be in the moment, and leave the daily grind behind. Together we will chop wood, cover the sweatlodge frame, build the fire
After the Stoneceremony, the fire is lit.
We’ll sitt close to the fire, enjoying its heat and beauty, while it is heating the stones for us. We’ll make prayer ties (tobacco ties). It is a way of connecting your own prayers to the ceremony, and making it yours.

When we go into the sweatlodge and the door closes, we’ll sit in a circle around the stones, surrounded by darkness.
The smell of herbs and the sound of the drum and our voices. In front of us, in the middle, are the shining hot stones.
Then… then it is possible to let go of all layers connected to daily life. Beyond your personality, beyond your thoughts and emotions, to another layer of awareness, another dimension.

The dimension of the sweatlodge is one where you truly can be who you are, originally. You can heal the connection with your soul, so that you can shine from the deepest you. Whole, complete.
A dimension that helps you feel connected with all around you; ALL around you in the universe.

The ceremony usually consists of four rounds; every round is connected to a wind direction. Each with its own energy, own power animal (totem) and line of knowledge.
That knowledge and experience is there for you, to light your way. To wake your powers to be whole. To give you clarity in life issues, to take you wing-to-wing and bring you insight.

When the rounds have finished, we crawl out of the sweatlodge. We’ll cool down while lying on the Earth, enjoying the trees, clouds or moon and stars.

We’ll have a light dinner together and tidy up.
Have a look at the Agenda for scheduled ceremonies. If you prefer a ceremony with your own group, have a look below at “for groups, on request”

Location and costs

The sweat lodge is located in Wapserveen (Drenthe, near Meppel/Steenwijk) on the grounds of the community ‘De Hobbitstee’. It is close to the heathland and megalithic sites, and a beautiful open space surrounded by trees.

Costs: € 75,- unless specified otherwise.
Start 10 am, till ± 9 pm

For groups, on request

For groups/ on request
In addition to taking part in a sweat lodge ceremony indicated on the calendar, it is also possible to participate with your own group.
A sweatlodge ceremony can be a beautiful way to mark and celebrate a transition. Examples of special occasions that lend themselves to a sweat lodge ceremony include Birth, Menarche, Rites of Passage, marriage, birthdays.

Date upon negotiation
Price upon request.