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Lieke White Winds

Lieke (1977) studied Occupational Therapy, attended the School of Shamanism and did various shamanic courses.

In ceremonies, Lieke intertwines what she has learnt from her different teachers and shamans. The last few years, her inspiration stems mainly from the teachings of Chief Dancing Thunder (Grand Sachem of the Susquehannock Tribe of Florida) and various Paqo's (Medicine people) of the Q’ero Nation from Peru: Don Alejandro, Doña Maria, Don Mariano, Don Claudio and Doña Marquesa

From different cultures, worlds join: North and South, East and West. Eagle and Condor melt together in the middle, in the centre of the ceremony. You can connect to this power of unity.
A (sweatlodge) ceremony is a portal to the beauty of All, it reconnects you with who you really are originally
Her sweat lodge training was led by Nisa Star Nations van Oostveen in 2005.

“Upon entering the sweat lodge you leave your earthly life (and trouble) outside, you enter what is also known as the womb of Mother Earth.
In this dimension you feel closer to All and experience the beauty. It is the dimension in which you can reconnect with who you originally are, who you truly are.
A dimension in which you can feel the magnificence of Love, and experience its healing power.”

“Connect, reconnect with yourself, with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, with all around you. ALL around you in the universe.”

“A wonderful and powerful ritual, a ceremony of beauty, that extends beyond externalities and outer layers. It is a ceremony that can work in your favour to shine again, it will work to connect you with and allow you to be within your own force and light.

Martin Fire Dreamer

Martin was born in 1976, Dragon, Wolf, Warrior…

He went to teachers college and attended the Arts Academy. Eventually, after a detour, he landed a job in youth care. Working with people is in his blood. He currently works as team leader preparing youths between 16-18+ years with ADHD, PDD-NOS or related problems to live independently.

Above all, Martin is the proud father of two beautiful children: Joshua (2003) and Yanne (2007). With all respect for others, they are, the greatest teachers in his life. These two kids have added a dimension to his life that he could have never anticipated or dreamt of.

At the age of nineteen, shamanism came on his way. Through the School of Shamanism, which his wife Lieke attended at the time, he was put in touch with the ancient sweat lodge ceremony. Throughout the years it became more and more integral to his life. The sweat lodge felt like a home-coming. The wonderful ceremony touched him deeply and this feeling has never let him go.

Since 2001, fire has been his teacher, being a fire-keeper for sweatlodges. Since 2008, Martin also leads sweatlodges. He received his training for fire and sweat lodges from Roeland Zeven, Kees Brons, Nisa Star Nations and Mark Hoek.